25 Kawaii Outfit Ideas for Dressing Kawaii

If you are looking for kawaii outfit ideas to incorporate kawaii style into your wardrobe, you’re in the right place! Here are some kawaii outfits and clothing that look super cute with stunning pastel designs and colors to spice up your wardrobe.

These hoodies, shirts and skirts are the perfect way to mix and match your outfit, and to brighten up your day with soft pastel colors. They’re the kind of outfits that are ideal for kawaii cosplay and complement pastel colored tops.

Furthermore, these hoodies can also keep you warm during winter and autumn months, making them great for mixing and matching to style your outfit. If you love Japanese and kawaii outfit designs, be sure to keep reading below!

1. Limited Edition Japanese Cats Harajuku Hoodie

If you love Japanese cat designs, you’ll definitely want to lay your hands on these limited edition Japanese cats Harajuku hoodies! Designed with super cute pastel colors and Japanese cats, they make the perfect outfits for cosplay and dressing kawaii. They will surely impress your friends and any cat lover with its super cute cat paw and cat face design!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


2. Special Edition Kawaii Bear Bubble Tea Harajuku Hoodie

For bubble tea lovers, this special edition boba tea bear Harajuku hoodie looks super cute and kawaii. They come in both brown and light brown colors, and feature a kawaii bear with bubble tea designs. These hoodies are very cute and the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you love bubble tea and bears!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

3. Kawaii Bear Ears Harajuku Style Cloak

Looking for a Harajuku style cloak for winter? The kawaii bear ears Harajuku hoodie is super adorable and even comes with cute bear ears at the top which give it a kawaii aesthetic appearance. The bear coat also has whitish collars around the sleeve and top to enhance the Harajuku feel. If you are looking for the perfect coat to compliment your winter outfit, be sure to grab the kawaii bear ears Harajuku style cloak!

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com

4. Special Edition Kawaii Bunny Biscuit Harajuku Coat

One of the most popular designs is this super unique kawaii bunny biscuit Harajuku coat. This bunny biscuit coat comes with brown and dark brown pastel colors, and features very cute designs with bow ties, ribbons and mini pom poms. The contrast between the light brown and dark brown colors gives this coat a super unique and kawaii aesthetic appearance.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

5. Japanese Style Kawaii Bear Milk Harajuku Sweater

The Japanese style two-piece bear milk Harajuku sweater is one unique sweater that comes in a two-piece style design. It features a nice collar shirt top and a Harajuku milk bear that looks super cute. The milk bottle looks super kawaii and even has a nice straw design at the top to enhance its aesthetic appeal. This sweater is also super comfortable to wear, and is great for study or for the outdoors.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


6. Limited Edition Kawaii Bunny Ears Carrot Harajuku Hoodie

The bunny carrot pastel Harajuku hoodie is one of the most popular hoodies you can find with bright pastel colors. This hoodie features mini bunnys and mini carrots in different pastel colors and shapes, giving it a super aesthetic and bright kawaii appearance. It’s the perfect hoodie for Harajuku cosplay or for girls who want to wear a bright pink stylish hoodie.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

7. Super Cute Kawaii Bunny Face Harajuku Hoodie

One of the cutest bunny face hoodies you can find, this Kawaii Bunny face Harajuku hoodie is the perfect kawaii outfit for winter time! The outfit features unique bunny ears and a Harajuku face that looks super adorable, and is thick enough to keep warm in the winter cold. They are perfect for going outdoors and for kawaii adventures and are suitable for bunny lovers!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

8. Extra Large Kawaii Bunny Ears Pastel Hoodie

This extra-large bunny ears pastel hoodie looks super kawaii with its pastel pink colors and bunny ears designs. It also features two mini hearts pom poms that stretch down from the hoodie. The pink bunny ears design gives it an extremely Harajuku and pastel aesthetic appearance that we love. This hoodie is perfect to keep warm in cold temperatures and for outdoors. If you want to dress kawaii, this bunny ears hoodie is definitely the one you should get.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

9. Fish Tails Kawaii Cat Ears Harajuku Hoodie

Designed for cat lovers, this fish tails kawaii cat ears Harajuku hoodie looks extremely kawaii and aesthetically appealing. The cat ears looks aesthetically appealing and very cute, and the cat face is also very kawaii. The fish tails are the particular standout with this hoodie – they look very unique and well-designed, and are perfect for your kawaii outfit.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

10. Yellow Pastel Kawaii Candy Floss Pastel Sheep Hoodie

The sheep candy floss pastel hoodie is one of the most unique hoodies you can find, and comes in a kawaii pastel yellow color that looks aesthetic and soft. The sheep candy floss design is also very unique, and is suitable for those who love a soft tone hoodie design. This is the perfect hoodie for girls who want to dress kawaii and stand out from the crowd.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

11. Kane Mochi Kawaii Cat Mochi Hoodie

For mochi lovers, there’s nothing compared to the super cute kane mochi kawaii hoodies. This hoodie features a cat in a shape of a mochi, and there are also bright Sakura patterns around the hoodie which make it look aesthetically appealing. For Japanese lovers, “kane” means sweet candy and combined with mochi, translates into “sweet candy mochi”. This unique hoodie is a definite must have for those who want an aesthetic pastel hoodie.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


12. Pastel Colors Kawaii Harajuku Pleated Skirt

These Harajuku pastel skirts are absolutely gorgeous with their colorful solid pastel designs. They complement shirts and sweaters really well, and are the perfect addition to your kawaii outfit. These skirts are also stretchable so that they can conform to fit your waist size easily and do not feel so tight. These skirts are super cute and kawaii, so don’t forget to check them out!

Buy it now: $22.90, kawaiitherapy.com

13. Kawaii Cat Paw Chiffon Strap Skirt

The kawaii cat paw chiffon strap skirt is one the most kawaii outfit ideas you can come across, and comes with a kawaii “cat” strap and skirt design that looks super cute and aesthetic. This skirt complements sweats and shirts really well, and is the ideal skirt that you’d want to get to dress kawaii. Furthermore, the chiffon strap skirt is available in 6 different colors to choose from and come with kawaii cat paw chiffon straps.

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com


14. Kawaii Cat Paw Harajuku Knitted Sweater

The kawaii cat paw Harajuku knitted sweater is one of the cutest sweaters you can find with two Harajuku paws at the end of the sleeves and a cat collar. This sweater gives an aesthetic Harajuku appearance and is great for your kawaii outfit. It’s also made of expandable and breathable material, so you’d feel comfortable wearing this cute knitted sweater around.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

15. Special Edition Kawaii Cat Paw Japanese Style Hoodie

More cat paws! If you are a cat lover, you’ll love these Japanese styled Harajuku cat paw hoodies. They are available in three different colors and feature many cat paws around the hoodie. The hoodies are comfortable and very cute, and come with a large cover at the back. If you love cats and cat paws, these hoodies are the ones for you!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

16. Kawaii Cats Pastel Japanese Style Hoodie

Designed as an Instagram worthy Japanese style hoodie, the cats pastel hoodie comes features pink, purple and black pastel colors. This pastel design looks really aesthetic and kawaii, and pairs well with any plaid or canvas style skirt. It’s one of the more unique kawaii outfit ideas that you can try out and they certainly give off cat Harajuku vibes!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

17. Space Galaxy Edition Kawaii Cloud Corgi Hoodie

We absolutely love the space galaxy edition of the kawaii cloud corgi hoodie. This hoodie features a cute sleepy corgi on a cloud, with unique stars around the hoodie. It is designed with pastel colors and comes in two different colors – including black and gray. The touch of yellow at the back of the hoodie also provides a very kawaii accent to the overall design, making these hoodies perfect for Harajuku cosplay.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


18. Kawaii Dinosaur Autumn Style Collar Sweater

The kawaii dinosaur autumn style sweater features a very kawaii chubby dinosaur with plaid collar shirt designs. They are the perfect kawaii outfit for those looking to bring on a more Japanese vibe with a chubby cute dinosaur design. These hoodies are available in dark blue or white, and come with light pastel colors.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

19. Special Edition Kawaii Dinosaur Harajuku Hoodie

This kawaii dinosaur hoodie is among the more popular favorites and even features a cute dinosaur head at the top of the hoodie. This hoodie is available in black, pink and white color variations, and features the kawaii dinosaur at the center with Japanese words. They are the ideal hoodies for cosplay or just to dress kawaii for a special occasion.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

20. Egg Yolk Harajuku Beanie

The kawaii egg yolk Harajuku beanie is our signature beanie that looks super cute and kawaii. This beanie is designed in a shape of an egg yolk, and is something you can wear around together with your kawaii outfit to add to the aesthetic appearance. This egg yolk beanie is super unique and stylish, so if you are looking for something to impress your friends, definitely give this beanie a try!

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

21. Kawaii Festive Cats Harajuku Hoodie

The kawaii festive cats Harajuku hoodie is one of the best looking hoodies for autumn and winter. This autumn edition hoodie features a fox hoodie top and Sakura petals on the sleeves, giving it a very unique kawaii cosplay appearance. It’s definitely a kawaii outfit idea that you should try out and it looks super cute with the fox ears pullover.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


22. Kawaii Galaxy Stars Harajuku Pastel Hoodie

This Kawaii Galaxy Stars Harajuku pastel hoodies features four different animals with cute stars and pastel colors, giving it a super kawaii and unique appearance. They feature bunny, pig, panda and shiba inu as “planets” in space, and littered with stars around the hoodie. The hoodie comes in three different colors to choose from – white, pastel blue or cream pink. It’s one of the best kawaii outfit ideas if you want a hoodie that you can wear around and look super cute.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


23. Mondays to Fridays Kawaii Harajuku Cat Paw Hoodie

Another kawaii cat hoodie, the Mondays to Fridays Harajuku cat paw hoodie is the perfect hoodie for cat lovers. It features cute Japanese neko cat designs, and cat paws on the sleeves of the hoodie. It comes in cream white or pure gray colors, and is the ideal hoodie to wear outdoors. This hoodie is a great kawaii outfit idea especially for cat lovers, so be sure to check it out!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

24. Special Edition Kawaii Harajuku Neko Cat Style Cardigan

The Harajuku cat cardigan is one of the cutest cardigans you can find with cute cat faces all around the cardigan. It has a nice warm brownish tone and complements your kawaii outfit very well. This cardigan sweater comes in brown and navy blue colors, and looks super kawaii and aesthetic when paired with jeans or pants. Be sure to check out this cat cardigan outfit before it sells out!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

25. Panda Edition Harajuku Panda Ears Hoodie

For panda lovers, check out this panda special edition hoodie. Apart from its white pastel design and black color sleeves (which gives it superb contrast), this panda hoodie also comes with a collectible panda pouch which gives it a super aesthetic and kawaii appearance! If you are a panda lover or looking for a panda themed hoodie, this panda edition hoodie is the perfect addition to your kawaii outfit.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


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