20 Kawaii Room Decor to make your room look aesthetic

If you are looking for kawaii room decorations that will make your life a little cuter, you’re in the right place. Here are some kawaii room décor and accessories that you can use to spice up your room and add an aesthetic touch to your desk. They are perfect for creating an aesthetic study room space where you can creatively organise your stationery and bullet journals, as well as your pens and other accessories.

These stationery holders below are great for room decorations that can add a pastel aesthetic to your study room vibe. We also love that some of these stationery items come with stickes so that you can customize the appearance of your items. These are very cute room decoration ideas that will definitely add an aesthetic touch to your room and bring cheerful vibes through the day.

For more kawaii room decoration ideas, be sure to read on below.

Kawaii Japanese Style Pastel Wall Drawers

1. Kawaii Japanese Style Pastel Wall Drawers

If you are looking for the perfect wall drawer accessory to place on your way, these Kawaii Japanese style pastel wall drawers are definitely the perfect fit. These drawers look exceptionally kawaii and aesthetically pleasing, and come in both pink and white colors. We also love that they come with stickers for you to customize and decorate your room. The drawers also have plenty of compartment space to store stationery, pens and notepads, and are fully retractable (you can open and close them). These are really helpful space saving drawers and look super cute on any desk setup!

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com


2. Kawaii Mini Fridge Desk Pen Holder

This kawaii mini fridge desk pen holder is one of the cutest pen holders you can find! Shaped like a fridge, this pen holder comes with super cute stickers that you can use to decorate the holder, and also has multiple “frige” compartments which you can use to put erasers and pens. The fridge holder can be opened to reveal a pencil and pen compartment, and the there is an opening on the top to take out your pens. There’s nothing quite like this mini fridge desk pen holder which looks super aesthetic and can really spice up your interior study room décor.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com

3. Limited Edition Kawaii Dinosaur Egg Pen Holder

If you are looking for a cute holder to store your pens and pencils, look no further than this super cute dinosaur egg! Shaped like a dinosaur egg with a three-leg footstool, this pen holder is capable of holding a punch of pens, pencils and rulers to organize your study desk. It’s also available in three different colors including pink, blue and green.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com


4. Kawaii Mini Safe Storage Cabinet

If you are looking for a cute safe storage cabinet to store your hideaway things, this pastel-colored mini safe storage cabinet is the perfect cabinet that you should go for. The cabinet has two security features including a rotating knob lock and key function to double lock your storage safe. It’s also designed in a shape of a mini locker, giving it a cute and aesthetic appearance.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

5. Kawaii Korea Style Stationery Storage Rack

If you are looking for a cute stationery rack to organise your things, the Kawaii Korea style stationery storage rack is definitely the one you should go for. This rack comes in two colors including white and pastel pink, and makes for a great addition to your home stationery desk. You can put lots of stationery on this two-tier rack and they are a great way to save space and organise your kawaii desk.

Buy it now: $14.90, kawaiitherapy.com


6. Room Décor Kawaii Cat Ears Desktop Mirror

The kawaii cat ears mirror is the perfect addition to your bedroom space where you can dress up. The cat mirror looks incredibly cute with white cat ears at the top. The entire mirror is available in pastel pink colors, giving a soft aesthetic to any room that it is placed in.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com


7. Kawaii Therapy Plaid Table Mouse Pad – Special Edition

If you are looking for a kawaii table cover for your mouse pad and desk study, look no further! These plaid stable mouse pads by Kawaii Therapy are some of the cutest table pads you can find, and are available in blue, yellow and pink colors. They are look incredibly kawaii and cute, and adds a soft aesthetic to your study room with cute pastel colors.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com


8. Kawaii Adjustable Desk Phone Holder

The kawaii adjustable desk phone holder is one of the cutest phone holders you can find that also comes with an adjustable mirror. The phone holder comes in three colors – pink, blue and white and looks super kawaii once placed on your study desk or bedrom. It’s great for watching movies and YouTube with your phone, and the extendable mirror at the back of the phone holder adds to this phone holder’s versatility.

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Jumbo Stationery Box

9. Kawaii Jumbo Stationery Box – Special Edition

One of the most popular stationery cases you can find, the jumbo stationery box is designed to hold all your desk stationery, washi tape and stickers all in one box! This box comes with several compartments which make it super easy to organize your stationery, and even comes with a set of stickers for you to decorate the stationery box. If you are looking for a really aesthetic addition to your study room, be sure to check out this kawaii jumbo stationery box.

Buy it now: $69.90, kawaiitherapy.com


10. Kawaii Desktop Foldable Mobile Phone Holder

One of our favorite desk holders, the desktop foldable mobile phone holder is a super cute addition ot your study desk or bedroom. It has a stand for iPhone or iPad devices, and even comes with cute stickers for you to decorate the mobile phone holder. It’s super useful if you want to watch movies or YouTube and want to watch from an adjustable position in your room.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Cat TV Lamp

11. Kawaii Cat TV Lamp

If you are looking for something really kawaii to spice up your bedroom, this Kawaii Cat TV lamp is definitely the perfect addition. Designed in pastel pink colors with a cute cat inside the cat TV, this lamp is super cute and unqiue and can be lighted up as a night lamp. It also comes with mini TV buttons at the side and two antennas which add to its aesthetic feel. This lamp is ideal for those looking for a creative and cute way to spice up their room interior décor, and has a unique appearance that looks super kawaii.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com

12. Kawaii Snail Lamp – Limited Edition

Apart from the cat TV lamp, another aesthetic addition to your room is the kawaii snail lamp. Shaped like a snail, this snail lamp gives off super kawaii aesthetic vibes, and even features a mini snail inside its enclosure which looks super cute. The snail lamp features interior lights that create a soft lighting and aesthetic appearance that’s perfect for use as a night lamp. These cute aesthetic lamps are almost sold out, so be sure to snap them up fast!

Buy it now: $26.90, kawaiitherapy.com


13. Kawaii TV Tissue Box Phone Holder – Limited Edition

If you are looking for a place to store your tissues, this Kawaii TV tissue box is definitely the one you should get. It is designed in the shape of a TV with TV buttons, and you can even slide your smartphone into the front of the box and watch it like a TV. The TV box also comes with legs at the bottom which gives it an aesthetic appearance. If you are looking for something aesthetic to decorate your room, the Kawaii TV Tissue box is definitely a great choice.

Buy it now: $22.90, kawaiitherapy.com


14. Kawaii Korea Style Tissue Box Wrapper

These kawaii Korea style tissue box wrappers are the perfect way to spice up your room. They are simple and look aesthetically cute with bunny and bear designs. All you have to do is wrap these around your tissue box to get a kawaii looking tissue box in your room!

Buy it now: $9.90, kawaiitherapy.com

15. Kawaii Strawberry Harajuku Pastel Bedsheet

If you are looking for a way to decorate your bedroom, the kawaii strawberry Harajuku pastel bedsheet is definitely the one you should get. This bedsheet looks incredibly cute and aesthetic with cute strawberries and pastel designs. The bedsheet also comes with a purple bedsheet cover (in addition to the duvet cover) which makes it perfect for double sized beds. The bedsheets are comfortable and cooling, and are the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Buy it now: $99.90, kawaiitherapy.com

16. Kawaii Animal Ears Seat Cushion – Special Edition

The kawaii animal ears seat cushion is definitely a great idea to use to spice up your chair or gaming setup. This cat ears seat cushion comes with two adorable cat ears the at the top, and has a nice pastel appearance which blends into room interior décor. This is a good kawaii room décor addition to any room and is also very comfortable to sit on if you are gaming for long periods of time.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com


17. Kawaii Bear Shaped Floor Mat

If you are looking for a super cute floor mat to decorate your room, check out these kawaii bear shaped floor mats. These floor mats come in brown and white colors, and look super cute – they can easily enhance your room aesthetic. They are very fluffy and soft, and these mats are ideal for bedrooms or study rooms where you can put them in a cozy corner.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com


18. Kawaii Bunny Ears Seat Cushion – Limited Edition

These bunny ears seat cushions are incredibly soft and cute, and look very aesthetic. They are great if you want a soft seat cushion on the chair to relieve the hardness of your chair. The cushion material on the bunny ears cushion is soft and durable, and is doubly soft which makes it super comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. They are also nice additions to gaming setups with its cute appearance, and are also available in pink, blue, grey, yellow and white colors.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

19. Kawaii Cactus Stationery Holder

If you are looking for a really cute stationery holder, the kawaii cactus stationery holder is definitely a great choice. This cactus stationery holder comes with two mini cactus arms that look super cute, and have a sleek opening at the top which allows you to put in plenty of pencils and pens into the holder. They are available in pink, green and white colors, and are a great option to décor your study table.

Buy it now: $14.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Neko Cat Wall Hanger

20. Kawaii Neko Cat Pop Up Sticky Wall Hanger

For those who want a convenient clothing hanger, these kawaii neko cat pop up sticky wall hangers are a great addition to your bathroom and study room space. We really like that these wall hangers can literally “pop-up” when you hang anything on them, giving your space a really unique and kawaii aesthetic. These sticky wall hangers are available in 5 different animal colors including cat, squirrel, duck and hamster.

Buy it now: $14.90, kawaiitherapy.com


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