The 25 Cutest Stuffed Animals to Cuddle With

Cute Stuffed Animals

Here are the 25 cutest stuffed animals that you can cuddle with and are the perfect bedroom companions! These collection of plushies are designed to be super cute and cuddly, and come with different animal designs and pastel colors to cheer up your day.

We especially love these stuffed animal soft toys for their ultra-cute and cuddly design, and they are great to hug at night . They’re also perfect gifts for kids who love soft toys and to bring cheer and happiness. Some of these giant stuffed animals are so squishy and cute that they make irresistible finds.

If you are looking for cute stuffed animals and plushies for boys and girls, be sure to check out our complete plush collection below for more ideas!

Kawaii Jumbo Dinosaur Plush

1. Kawaii Jumbo Dinosaur Stuffed Plush

These pair of kawaii giant dinosaur plushies are some of the cutest plushies that you can find, and come as a couple pair (dina in pink and dino in pastel blue). Both plushies are stuffed with pp cotton and are super squishy and make for great bedtime companions. Dina and dino can be purchased as a pair of separately. With a height of around 50cm (19.6 inches), you’ll be hard pressed to find another giant dinosaur plushies that are as cute as these!

Buy it now: $39.90,

2. Kawaii Animal Mochi Dolls

These kawaii animal mochi dolls are some of the cutest and cuddliest plushies you’ll ever come across. They come in cute miniature mochi sizes (20cm), and feature many types of animals including panda, pig, hamster, bear, dinosaur and elephant. The panda and mochi bears are some of the favorites that look absolutely adorable and cuddly. They are great to add to your plush collection at home where you can cuddle with them. These are simply cuteness overload!

Buy it now: $12.90,


3. Kawaii Animal Plush Collection

If you are looking for soft seat cushions to cuddle, these Japanese inspired stuffed animal plushies are the perfect addition to your home. They come with five different animal designs – rabbit, tiger, bear, pig and frog – and are designed with super attractive pastel colors with soft cotton for a super cuddly experience. The most popular of all of them is kawaii frog collectible plush with its super adorable and cute eyes and plush cheeks.

Buy it now: $24.90,


4. Kawaii Therapy Avocado Japanese Style Plush

If you love avocados, you’ll definitely love these Japanese style avocado plushies. These plushies are super cute and kawaii, and even have cute legs to add to the overall cuteness. The avocado plushies are super cute and have a kawaii emoji experience, making them great for kids. These avocado plushies come in three different sizes – small, medium and large – but currently only the medium sized plushies are in stock. They make a great addition to any plush collection for those who love avocados!

Buy it now: $24.90,


5. Kawaii Banana Fruit Animal Plush

Looking for animal plushies in a shape of a banana? Then you’ll definitely love these kawaii banana fruit animal plushies. They come in seven different variations with different animal designs, including husky, dolphin, pig, bunny and shiba inu. If you love bananas and love animal plushies, you’ll definitely fall in love with these cuddly banana fruit animal plushies!

Buy it now: $24.90,


6. Kawaii Cat Roll Long Pillow Stuffed Toy

These super cute cat stuffed animal rolls are the ideal soft toy if you want something to cuddle with at bedtime! These cat plushies are super long and cute, and come in both brown and grey colors. They even have mini hands and feet which gives them a very kawaii aesthetic appearance. These cat dolls are perfect for kids and girls who love cats and Japanese styled plushies.

Buy it now: $39.90,


7. Kawaii Bunny Ears Rabbit Plush Collection

These large bunny larges loppy plushies are among the cutest bunny plushies we’ve ever seen, and come with large ears which give it an aesthetically cute appearance. The bunny plushies have very cute facial features and pawed feet, and are super cuddly and adorable. They make perfect gifts for boys and girls who love bunny plushies and come in white and pink designs too! Now available in XL sizes.

Buy it now: $39.90,

Bread Jumbo Plush

8. Kawaii Bread Toasty Plush

The kawaii bread toasy plush is one of the cutest plushies you can find that’s in a shape of a bread animal plush. We absolutely love how adorable and cute this plush is, with cute ands and feet, and a brownish top to give it a “toasted” exterior. This is a limited edition plush and comes with cute facial features too that make it look very attractive. For bread lovers, the kawaii bread toasty plush is a brilliant addition to your bedroom or living room space.

Buy it now: $33.90,


9. Extra Large Kawaii Bunny Ears Cushion Plush

The kawaii bunny ears cushion plushies are extra-large and super cute, and are an ideal addition for those looking for bunny stuffed toys. These bunny plushies have extra-large and long ears, and are incredibly cuddly and squishy. These bunny plushies have a large length of 50cm and come with two different colors – cream white or pastel pink. They are perfect for kids and girls who want a super adorable and cute bunny plush to cuddle with.

Buy it now: $29.90,

10. Giant Chubby Penguin Plush

For penguin lovers, the giant chubby penguin plush is probably one of the cutest penguin plushes you can find! This penguin plush has lovable features including big nose, cute feet and kawaii eyes, making it one of the cutest penguins to walk the earth. It also has a pastel shirt design which gives it a super cute appearance. The whole penguin is giant sized and has a height of up to 50cm tall, giving it an aesthetically appealing appearance. If you are looking for a giant stuffed animal plush, definitely go for this chubby penguin plush.

Buy it now: $39.90,


11. Kawaii Chubby Animal Bubble Tea Plush

If you love both bubble tea and stuffed animals, look no further than the kawaii chubby animal bubble tea plush! These super adorable stuffed toys comes in two different kawaii designs, including avocado bear and strawberry bunny. We really liked how cute these plushies are and they look even larger in real life! Each animal plush features a cute straw at the top to give it a unique bubble tea appearance, making them perfect for kids and girls.

Buy it now: $29.90,

Kawaii Therapy Chubby Pink Pig Plush (40cm)

12. Kawaii Therapy Chubby Pig Plush

Our kawaii chubby pig plush is one of the cutest stuffed animals you can find with a really cute and adorable appearance. This piglet plush has super charming eyes and noses and feet and is designed to be cuddled. The pink aesthetic of the plush gives it a very warm and soothing appearance, making it a great bedtime plush to have together for kids and girls. Currently, the chubby pig plush comes in 40cm size (the 50cm sizes are sold out at the moment). The kawaii therapy chubby pig plush is one our best sellers and is a limited edition time, so be sure to check them out!

Buy it now: $24.90,


13. A Bag of Kawaii Angel Axolotl Pudding Dolls

We really love this bag of kawaii angel axolotl pudding stuffed animal dolls. They come in two different colors – blue and light pink, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face with multiple cute mini axolotls inside each bag (each bag comes with a set of 6 dolls). If you are a fan of axolotls, you’ll definitely want to snap up these super cute plushies before they sell out. Perfect for young kids and toddlers who love stuffed animal soft toys.

Buy it now: $39.90,


14. Extra Large Kawaii Animal Long Pillow Plush

There’s nothing quite like these extra-large jumbo animal plushies! These plushies feature four different animals including dinosaur, rabbit, unicorn, bunny and fox and are incredibly cute and cuddly! If you are looking for a soft toy gift for kids, these are some of the cutest stuffed animals that you can find with very clean pastel colors.

Buy it now: $39.90,


15. Kawaii Animal Roll Plush Collection Super Large

Designed for those who want a plush to hug at night, these animal roll plushies are designed as super cute bolsters that you can hug and squish! They come in five different colors and animals, ranging from bunny, duck, bear, pig and shiba inu. These plushies are super large and are 90cm tall!

Buy it now: $39.90,


16. Kawaii Chubby Racoon Plush

These jumbo racoon plushies are super large and cute, and even feature a large racoon tail at the back! They are the perfect kind of plushies to have if you want to have a cute animal by your bedside or in the living room, plush they look super chubby and cute to boot!

Buy it now: $33.90,


17. Kawaii Chubby Squirrel Plush

Designed with vibrant pastel colors, these chubby squirrel plushies look extremely adorable and even feature a cute ‘sling bag’ which gives them a very kawaii appearance. These squirrel plushies are perfect by the bedside or on a desk shelf where they can be displayed. They will add a cheerful mix to any room with their dressed up dolly appearance!

Buy it now: $24.90,


18. Kawaii Cuddle Series Husky Plush

If you are a husky lover and love huskies, you’ll definitely want to lay your hands on this kawaii husky plush. These are part of the “cuddle series” plush collection that are designed to be super comfy and squishy, so you can hug these plushies all day and stay super cute!

Buy it now: $24.90,


19. Jumbo Edition Dolphin Plushies

These kawaii jumbo dolphin plushies are super satisfying and come with different sizes, although the jumbo size is 1m long. They come in both pink and blue colors and look very cute with fully stuffed plush colors. These dolphins make perfect gifts for kids and dolphin lovers!

Buy it now: $39.90,


20. Kawaii Duck Plush Jumbo Edition

Well, it’s a jumbo duck that looks extremely chubby and cute! These are perfect plushies to cuddle with a night or just to have around the sofa area to enhance the kawaii aesthetic!

Buy it now: $39.90,


21. Kawaii Jumbo Pastel Dinosaur Plush

Our multicolor jumbo pastel dinosaurs are always popular with customers and come with super colorful pastel designs. The jumbo editions are expandable and cuddly and make great gifts for kids! Be sure to check out the giant dinosaur plushies which are 50cm tall and very cuddly.

Buy it now: $39.90,


22. Kawaii Long Happy Cat Pillow Plush XL

Everyone loves cat plushies, and so do we! These kawaii long happy cat pillow plushies are most adorable stuffed animal cushion pillows you can find that look super adorable and aesthetic. They also come in two different colors – brown and grey and are up to 90cm tall, so be sure to check them out!

Buy it now: $39.90,


23. Kawaii Japanese Mochi Cats Stuffed Toys

These kawaii Japanese mochi cat stuffed toys are exactly what you’d expect from super cute cat dolls. They are pretty large and very squish, and look like cute mochies with a cute cat tail at the back. We liked how cute these cat plushies are, with kawaii eyes, whiskers, and ears. They are super soft and the perfect plush for kids.

Buy it now: $29.90,

Big Shark Plush

24. Kawaii Pastel Jumbo Shark Plush

The jumbo pastel shark plushies are super kawaii and come with bright pastel colors that look bright and aesthetic. These giant plushies are 90cm tall and are the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room that can you a dose of aesthetic colors!

Buy it now: $39.90,

25. Kawaii Pig Plush Jumbo Edition

Possibly the largest pig plush you’ll ever find, these kawaii pig plushies are designed to look super cute and cuddly, and have a very kawaii appearance. They come with different facial features, from a “bored” open eyes look to a cute “closed” eye appearance. These mega jumbo plushies are 70cm in length and are possibly the most huggable plushies you’ll find in our collection.

Buy it now: $39.90,


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