The Ambassador Affiliate Program

Welcome to Kawaii Therapy’s ambassador program! Our ambassador affiliate program allows you to earn commissions based on referrals earned through affiliate links and coupon codes that you will be given as a Kawaii Therapy ambassador. Here are some quick FAQs and guides to help you get started right away! Our terms and conditions are available below after the FAQ section.

Join our ambassador affiliate program!

Become a kawaii therapy ambassador!


How to apply

To apply for our ambassador affiliate program, please sign up at here. Please tell us where you will be referring traffic from (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, blogs) with a link to your account. Our team will review your application within 1 business day.


  1. Join our ambassador community. We provide our ambassadors with a unique coupon code and affiliate links that you can share with your followers!
  2. Earn unlimited commission. Earn as much commissions as you can generate!
  3. Share kawaii culture. Create kawaii and aesthetic videos that your followers will love with our products!

Commission Rates

We pay 10% referral fees for all products sold through your affiliate link or attributable to your coupon code. For example, if a customer spent $100 on our site using your coupon code or visits our site through your affiliate link, you will be credited with $10 on your account. Please note that commissions do not cover shipping fees.

How much can I earn?

Check out the earnings potential you could make as an affiliate below:

Daily customers 20 30
Average amount spent $50 $50
Daily Commission 20 x $50 x 10% = $100 30 x $50 x 10% = $150
Monthly Commission $3000 $4500

Payout Schedule

We automatically pay out commissions every 25th day of the month to your PayPal account (i.e., we send funds directly to your PayPal email provided to us). Commissions will be in your available balance 30 days after they are credited to your ambassador account. This is to allow us time to cover refunds, returns or order cancellations should they arise.

Example: if a customer purchased $100 worth of products through your coupon code on the 15th of February, you will earn a $10 commission which will become available balance on the 15th of March (30 days from the purchase date). This commission, together with any other commissions that you have earned after a 30 day period, will be paid on 25th of March (i.e., every 25th of the month) to your PayPal account.

Tracking your earnings

When a purchase is successfully completed through your affiliate link, you will be able to see the amount of commissions earned immediately in your ambassador account. You will also receive an email on the amount of referral earned, but you can let us know if you wish to opt out of this email notification. This balance amount will become due after 30 days from the purchase date, and will be paid on the 25th of every month.

PayPal Fees

Please note that PayPal may charge a fee for receiving USD into your PayPal account, typically 2-3% depending on your location and market. We are unable to cover these fees as they are fees imposed by PayPal for sending/receiving money. For more information, please see the payout section on PayPal here.


Please note that may we adjust your commission earnings should there be returns, refunds or order cancellations. After a 30 day period, your commissions will become finalized and eligible for payout on every 25th of the month to your PayPal.

Affiliate Links Tracking Period

Customers that have made a purchase 30 days from being referred to our website by your affiliate link will be credited to you. This means that the cookie period attributable to your affiliate link is 30 days. There is no time limitation on the coupon code and any purchase using your coupon code will be directly credited to you. You will be able to view the number of visits and referrals generated through your affiliate links to our website in your affiliate dashboard.

Example: a customer visits our website on 1st March through your affiliate link, and makes a purchase on the 28th of March. The purchase will be credited to your ambassador affiliate account as it is within the 30 day time window.

How to get started: Tutorial Guide

Step 1: How to get your affiliate link

Once your application to the ambassador program has been formally approved, you can log into your ambassador account here and you’ll see an affiliate link generated for your ambassador account on the top right hand corner. See example screenshot below:

note: this is an example only, please check your ambassador account for your personal affiliate link

Step 2: Linking to a specific product on our page

If you wish to link to a specific product page on our website, simply navigate to the affiliate links tab. Copy and paste the product page link into the box to retrieve your affiliate link to the specific product page. Your affiliate link with your unique referral ID (e.g., ending with /?ref=ID) will be automatically created. You can then copy and paste your affiliate link to your YouTube channel.

note: this is an example only, please use your ambassador account to generate your affiliate links

Step 3: How to get your ambassador coupon

To get your coupon code, click on “coupons” in left hand menu on the left. Our team will need to specially assign a unique coupon code to you, so please allow us 24-48 hours to get your personal coupon code up and running after we approve your account! Once it is available, you will be able to see it here:

note: this is an example only, please check your ambassador account for your personal coupon code

Step 4: Updating your PayPal email

We understand that there might be circumstances where you will need to update your PayPal email. You would be able to do this under “settings” in your dashboard. Please note that payments will be sent to this PayPal email address, so please double check that everything is correct!

note: this is an example only, please check your ambassador account for your PayPal email address. You may update your PayPal email address as per above.

Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

  1. No spamming of links or coupons – nobody likes to be spammed, and so do we! Please be considerate when sharing your affiliate links or coupons; share them one at a time (e.g., one link and one coupon per YouTube video). Unfortunately we may have to remove affiliates who misuse this feature without notice and withhold payments at our sole discretion if required.
  2. We may modify the terms & conditions, participation requirements, commission rates or terminate the ambassador program at any time without notice, at our sole discretion.
  3. We reserve the right to remove any ambassador or affiliate from our program at any time and for any reason.
  4. We will make payment to your PayPal email for commissions earned by you through referrals from your affiliate links or coupons. Commissions will be paid on the 25th of each month, after a 30 day wait period for your earnings to be settled in your balance. Please note that PayPal may charge a fee for sending/receiving payments depending on your location/market, and these fees will have to be borne by you.
  5. We may make adjustments to your commissions and earnings should there be any refunds, adjustments, order cancellations or returns.
  6. We send payments directly to your PayPal email provided to us. Please understand it is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate email address; we will not be responsible or unclaimed funds or if the payment was sent to a wrong recipient. Please kindly double check that your PayPal email is valid and correct.
  7. Notwithstanding clause 6, we reserve the right to change our mode of payment should there be any issues with PayPal payouts. In such a scenario, we may send payments directly to your bank account using Wise (formerly Tranferwise) batch payments. You agree that you may be required to download and install the Wise app and set up a borderless USD account to receive payments from us through this alternative method (this is available to ambassadors based inside and outside of the U.S.). For more information on receiving international payments via Wise, please check here. We will email you with more details on receiving direct bank deposits in USD should the need arise.
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