25 Kawaii Gift Ideas and Accessories You Can Buy Now

If you are looking for some of the cutest gift ideas for your friends or loved ones, you’re in the right place. Here are some kawaii gift ideas that can really make life cuter for you and your friends. They are super unique and kawaii – “kawaii” meaning cute in Japanese – making them great gifts to surprise and inspire.

These Japanese inspired gift ideas will definitely spice up your life and are great to add a kawaii touch to your room or outfit. Some of the kawaii cushions and plushies that we have hand-picked are great for adding a kawaii aesthetic to your home living space.

We have picked some of the cutest accessories, plushies and bottles that are super cute and kawaii, and give off a uniquely aesthetic vibe. They come in dazzling colors and designs that stand out from the crowd. If you are fan of Japanese and kawaii gifts, be sure to check out our top kawaii gift ideas below!

1. Kawaii Edition Cherry Blossom Sakura Umbrella

The Kawaii Cherry Blossom Sakura umbrella is one of our personal favorites. It’s an incredible cute and sleek umbrella that has a very kawaii cherry blossom design on the top of the umbrella. The umbrella top is also partially transparent, giving it a very unique and Japanese style appearance. This umbrella is one of the more popular items we have in stock and customers absolutely love the unique and pastel aesthetic that this umbrella brings.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Pastel Bear Slippers

2. Limited Edition Kawaii Bear Pastel Slippers

The Kawaii bear pastel slippers are some of the cutest slippers you can find. They have a comfortable cloud bear design that gives it a very aesthetic and Harajuku appearance. The slippers are made of thick eva material which provides excellent support for your feet, and has firm support when you wear them. These slippers can be worn anywhere indoors and outdoors, and we thoroughly like how cute the bear design is which gives it a unique aesthetic vibe. In addition, they make very kawaii gifts!

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Biscuit Seat Cushion (2)

3. Limited Edition Kawaii Biscuit Cushion Pillow

We absolutely adore these limited edition kawaii biscuit cushion pillows. Shaped exactly like a biscuit, these biscuit pillows look super cute and tasty. They come in circle and square shape editions, and are light brown and brown colored for a full biscuit aesthetic. These biscuit cushion pillows are great gifts for biscuit lovers – and their kawaii design truly makes these cushions stand out.

Buy it now: $26.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Bunny Carrot Shoes

4. Bunny Carrot Shoes School Limited Edition

If you are looking for a pair of kawaii shoes for school or outdoor use, these bunny carrot shoes are definitely the ones you should get. These bunny carrot shoes come in two colors – pink and white – and feature a super cute bunny with multiple carrots over the shoe. We also liked that these shoes are designed for sports with a solid grip at the bottom of the shoes – making them suitable for outdoor adventures.

Buy it now: $33.90, kawaiitherapy.com

5. Special Edition Kawaii Cat Ears Seat Cushion

We absolutely love this cat ears seat cushion. This cat ears seat cushion features very “kawaii” cat ears at the top, and have a soft and fluffy texture that makes sitting on the cushion a very comfortable experience. The cushion has plenty of soft material filling that makes sitting on it very comfortable experience, and we loved how kawaii this cushion actually looks for a kawaii gaming setup. If you are looking to make your seat more comfortable and want something that looks kawaii and aesthetic, this is definitely the seat cushion you should get.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Neko Cat Lamps

6. Super Cute Pastel Kawaii Cat TV Lamp

Designed for cat enthusiasts, this kawaii cat TV lamp has a uniquely pastel design with a cat sitting inside the TV itself – it’s one of the most adorable night lamps we have. The cat TV lamp is designed with cute TV buttons at the side of the lamp including an antenna at the top which gives it a uniquely aesthetic appearance. The cat TV lamp comes in two distinct variations to choose from and are both in pastel pink colors.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com


7. Jumbo Cat Paw Seat Cushion Limited Kawaii Edition

The jumbo cat paw seat cushion is the perfect seat cushion for cat lovers. They are designed in the shape of a cat paw with pink cat feet which looks super cute and kawaii. These cat paw cushions are super soft and comfortable and are made of thick pp filling which gives extra support when you sit on it. These cat paw seat cushions are absolutely the perfect additions to gaming setups and kawaii rooms with a unique kawaii aesthetic.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Kawaii Jumbo Dinosaur Plush

8. Dina & Dino Kawaii Dinosaur Plush Jumbo Edition

For dinosaur lovers, the Dina & Dino combo is one of the cutest stuffed dinosaurs you can find. This stuffed dinosaur is filled with pp cotton to give it a jumbo sized appearance and are very soft to cuddle with. These giant dinosaur plushies are extremely cuddly and cute to look at, and make superb bedtime companions for little ones. These plushies are available in pink (Dina) or blue (Dino) colors and are some of the cutest stuffed dinosaur plushies you can find.

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Kawaii Therapy Chubby Pink Pig Plush (40cm)

9. Kawaii Therapy Chubby Pink Pig Plush

Our signature chubby pink pig plush is one of the cutest stuffed animal plushies you can find. Designed in a full pastel pink appearance with dazzling eyes and a cute nose, this chubby pig plush is definitely one of the cutest soft toys you can cuddle with for a long time. The pig plush also features really nice hands and heart shaped feet that gives it an absolutely adorable appearance.

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Bear Straw Bottle

10. Limited Edition Kawaii Therapy Bear Straw Bottle

If you are looking for a pair of bottles that look exceptionally cute, these Kawaii Therapy bear straw bottles are the ones you should get. They are shaped like a bear with a bear top cover and straw at the top for easy drinking. These bottles also come with a convenient sling strap which allows you to sling the bottles around while taking them around. They are great for both indoor and outdoor drinking and you can even put milk or bubble tea inside.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Cute Animal Style bottle

11. Kawaii Pastel Transparent Animal Style Bottle

These kawaii pastel transparent animal style bottles are some of the cutest bottles you can find with very nice animal designs. The bottles can in different pastel colors including pink, yellow, white and brown, and feature different animal cartoons that give it a really pastel and sleek appearance. These bottles open and close like a normal bottle, and come with a sling which you can use to carry the bottles everywhere that you go.

Buy it now: $26.90, kawaiitherapy.com

12. Super Mega Jumbo Kawaii Bear (Cover only)

If you are a bear lover or know someone who loves bears, the super mega jumbo kawaii bear cover will make a great kawaii gift. While these are bear covers, you can fill them up with tonnes of pp cotton material to get it to full size. At full size, these bear covers can stretch up to 2 meters long and will definitely be a talking piece for any guests who visit your home. Furthermore, these bear covers are available in light brown, dark brown, purple and white covers to choose from.

Buy it now: $42.90, kawaiitherapy.com

13. Kawaii Bear Comfy Pastel Shoes – Limited Edition

If you are looking for a pair of bear comfy shoes, be sure to check out these comfortable pastel shoes. This bear comfy shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and feature a kawaii bear pastel design on the sides of the shoes. The inner of the shoes are made of soft furry material that keeps your feet warm and cozy throughout the day. The bear pastel shoes are perfect for those who love bears and want a kawaii pair of shoes to start their day.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com


14. Special Edition Kawaii Bunny Ears Plush Bag

The Kawaii Bunny ears plush bag are some of the cutest shoulder bags you can find that feature a really unique aesthetic appearance. These plush handbags feature two bunny ears on the bag with soft pastel colors and a furry design – making them really nice to touch and comfortable to hold. They are unique aesthetic pieces that will definitely make a great kawaii gift for those who love bunnies.

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

15. Special Edition Kawaii Strawberry Harajuku Pastel Bedsheet

If you are looking to decorate your bedroom, this kawaii Harajuku pastel bedsheet is definitely something you should check out. The entire bedsheet is artistically designed with cute strawberries and pastel colors, giving it a super kawaii pastel aesthetic. This bedsheet set also comes with a purple linen bed cover which looks really cute, and complements the duvet cover nicely. The strawberry bedsheet set is designed for double beds and is pretty large, making them perfect to snuggle with in the bedroom.

Buy it now: $99.90, kawaiitherapy.com


16. A Bag of Kawaii Angel Pudding Dolls

These super cute angel axolotl pudding dolls are some of the cutest plushies you can find. It comes in a bag of 8 pudding dolls and you can choose between blue or pink pastel colors. These dolls are super cute and you can cuddle them at night. They come in a packet of 8 dolls per bag. These are truly some of the cutest plush dolls you will come across and are limited edition as well, so don’t forget to check them out!

Buy it now: $39.90, kawaiitherapy.com

17. Japanese Edition Kawaii Bunny Style Picnic Lunch Bag

The Japanese edition kawaii bunny style picnic lunch bag is the perfect item to bring with you for picnic lunches. The bag has an incredibly cute and aesthetic Japanese pastel color design, and features cute bunny and bears. We really liked how spacious these picnic bags are and they can fit a lot of food and lunchboxes. These picnic lunch bags also come with water bottle compartments at both sides which you can use to slide in a can drink. We really love how cute the pastel designs of these picnic bags look and we highly recommend them!

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com

18. Kawaii Sakura Squishy Cat Pencil Case

If you are looking for a super cute pencil case to bring to school, look no further than this kawaii Sakura squishy cat pencil case! It’s the perfect gift for Sakura and cat lovers, and comes with a squishy cat on each pencil case which you can press. The pencil cases are available in blue, purple and pastel pink colors, and look really aesthetic and kawaii. They’re the perfect gift for anyone who loves Japanese-themed stationery and pencil cases.

Buy it now: $19.90, kawaiitherapy.com

19. Fruit Scented Kawaii Therapy Fruit Erasers

These fruit scented erasers are the perfect gift for stationery lovers who want something unique. They come in watermelon, grape and orange scented erasers, and look really yummy as well!

Buy it now: $1.90, kawaiitherapy.com


20. Special Edition Kawaii Japanese Style Neko Cat Night Lamp

If you are looking for a truly unique kawaii gift, check out these Japanese style neko cat lamps. These cat lamps are super cute and unique, and look exactly like cats with a really realistic cat silhouette. The unique feature of this lamp is that it can switch between blue and warm colors, giving off a very nice night lighting effect. They are perfect lamps for bedrooms where you can enjoy its warm colors and unique cat design.

Buy it now: $49.90, kawaiitherapy.com

21. Kawaii Therapy Honeycomb Sunflower Plush

If you are looking for a kawaii gift idea that can brighten up your day, consider getting the Kawaii Therapy Honeycomb sunflower plush. This sunflower plush is designed with really bright yellow pastel colors, and has a honeycomb design in the center which looks striking and very nice. The sunflower itself is soft and very comfortable to cuddle with, and the bright colors will definitely cheer up your day!

Buy it now: $24.90, kawaiitherapy.com

22. Room Décor Kawaii Korea Style Desk Storage Organizer

If you are looking for something to store your stationery and pens in a kawaii way, these room décor kawaii style desk organizers are definitely the ones you should get. These wall drawers look super cute and are a convenient way to store your stationery and small items. They also stick to your wall seamlessly without any peeling. These desk storage organizers also come with plenty of kawaii stickers for you to decorate them.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Kawaii Reindeer Lamp Decor

23. Limited Edition Kawaii Reindeer Lamp

If you are looking for a kawaii lamp gift idea, check out these kawaii reindeer lamps. These lamps feature a snowy reindeer beside a tree and looks simply stunning and aesthetic. When the lamp is turned on, the tree lights turn on, giving a very cozy atmosphere and warm lightning. They are great as a bedside display or for room décor.

Buy it now: $29.90, kawaiitherapy.com

Garlic Cat House

24. Special Edition Kawaii Garlic Cat House

This kawaii garlic cat house is definitely the perfect gift for any cat lover. This cat house is shaped like a garlic and is very comfortable for cats to snuggle in, making it the perfect cat home for your pet! The cat house provides a warm and cozy place for your cat to nest during the night and during playtime. It’s definitely the perfect kawaii gift for cat lovers who want something unique and fun for their cats!

Buy it now: $69.90, kawaiitherapy.com

25. Special Edition Kawaii Fuwabi Pop Up Pencil Case

The special edition Fuwabi pop up pencil case is one of the cutest pencil cases you can find designed like a mochi. This pop up pencil case is fully retractable to be used as a pencil holder, or can be fully extended to be used as a full pencil case. You can store plenty of pens and stationery inside this pencil case, and it is available in mochi pink colors. It’s a really unique Japanese and kawaii gift idea for stationery lovers.

Buy it now: $6.90, kawaiitherapy.com


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